The Empowered Nurse


Take care of your body! Easing physical stress, and treating your body with respect, is the first step toward an empowered life.


Appreciate your mental powers! By acknowledging your brain’s complex workload, you can be proud of all that you achieve each day.


Think positive thoughts! A good spiritual and emotional outlook will change physical, mental and social outcomes, helping you achieve balance and serenity.

Welcome to Nursing Success Institute

It’s time to care for yourself!

Do you suffer from physical pain on-the-job? Do you suffer from emotional burnout? Do you and your associates treat each other with respect?  Are you mentally exhausted at the end of each shift? Do you constantly harbor negative thoughts or feelings?

The Nursing Success Institute can help. We recognize the value of the nurse to our healthcare system. We are committed to empowering nursing professionals with the knowledge to achieve healthier, happier, and more balanced lives.

Our holistic approach and committed, compassionate experts help you identify the five basic types of stress – PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL, and SPIRITUAL — that impact your life each day. We show you how to acquire self-awareness, learn self-acceptance, and implement self-improvement techniques .

Our proactive solutions EMPOWER you to change behaviors, affect outcomes, reach new levels of excellence in your career, and balance your life.


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