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Recognizing the value of the nurse to our healthcare system, we are committed to empowering nursing professionals with the personal and professional knowledge to achieve healthier, happier, and more balanced lives.


Michael passionately believes in the value of the nurse in today’s society, and he is a recognized authority on the use of safe patient handling techniques to reduce nurse injuries.  Michael is known industry-wide as a dynamic and in-demand trainer and public speaker on SPH, with engagements that range from training workshops to keynote addresses. His frequent travels, coupled with his fervent interest in SPH, allow him to keep his finger on the pulse of developments at healthcare facilities nationwide. Currently Michael is Vice President of Sales for TransMotion Medical, Inc. He lives in Scottsdale, AZ.



dane-treatDANE TREAT, M.D

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma Medical School, Dr. Treat has practiced in Family Medicine and UrgiCare settings for 10 years. Over the years he grew to understand that there was more to being a healer than just a medical degree. Through subsequent studies in positive psychology and alternative medicine he developed a concept of health care beyond the traditional disease-centric model. Today, as a Health Coach and Consultant, his goal is to enlighten others – especially those in the healthcare field who are so used to helping patients that they neglect their own well-being. His tools and techniques help individuals live happier and healthier lives by gaining awareness of personal responsibility, recognizing ineffective personal programs, and consciously choosing healthier alternatives.



lady_clientsCarine Werner, Founder of Success Infusion

Carine Werner, founder of Success Infusion, is a corporate trainer, coach and inspirational speaker who has spent a decade changing outcomes for businesses and individuals. She has achieved her success in two of the most dynamic industries and two of the most demanding markets in the country: the financial services and real estate markets in the Southwest. Carine is a gifted coach, natural entrepreneur and leader as well as being a magnetic public speaker. Her skills include certifications as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach, Timeline Therapy Coach as an Executive Coach to multiple industries. Carine’s has an infectious enthusiasm for personal and professional growth, and her results are unparalleled.

Carine is a

  • Gifted coach
  • Natural entrepreneur and leader
  • Magnetic public speaker
  • Impeccable relationship-builder
  • Gifted motivator who produces results through other people, moving both companies and individuals in the direction of their dreams


  • Tad James Company: Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach
  • Tad James Company: Certified Timeline therapy coach
  • The Winslow Research Institute: Certified coach
  • Executive Career Hub: Master coach

“I inspire people to pursue their dreams and take action in their lives. I show them how to be more effective in their business to ensure that their clients feel valued, cared for, and important.” – Carine Werner

“As business professional, wife and mother, my mission in life is to passionately inspire myself, my family, my friends and my colleagues to live their dreams with liberty, abundance, joy and balance while making a difference in our communities.”

Carine Werner