Safe Patient Handling – Hall of Fame

I had the GREAT opportunity to be a presenter at the recent Arizona Safe Patient Handling & Movement show.  It was sponsored by Banner Health and Ashton Tiffany.  My speech was focused on the 'Value of the Nurse' in Healthcare.  Oftentimes, the nurse is not given their due recognition for ALL that they do.  The goal was to raise awareness of HOW valuable our nurses are. While at the show, it was clear that the show was missing one of the strongest proponents of nurses, and protecting nurses from injury while performing different pieces of their work.  That person is Lavina Taylor, from St. Mary's Hospital in Tucson.  Lavina is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable people in the realm of Safe Patient Handling.  She is a passionate advocate of nurses, and is always challenging the industry on doing more to protect nurses. She now occupies a different role at St. Mary's, and hopefully she returns to the industry that she helped to ignite here in the State of Arizona.  If you ever want to see what a PHENOMENAL SPH Program looks like, I can whole-heartedly say that St. Mary's was a TOP TIERED facility.  The work that she did there to change the culture, reduce injuries and protect our nurses is of a WORLD CLASS standard. I have visited hundreds of hospitals around the country, and St. Mary's was always one of the best.  Lavina, I am honored to have worked alongside of you, and you are missed in the SPH World.  Our group of speakers this year honored the work that you have done, not only at St. Mary's, but for our entire industry.  We miss you, and please come back! Michael

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